Monday, April 30, 2018

BJYM Study Circle Summer Internship Program 2018

A two-month comprehensive Summer Internship Program:

1)    A team of 100 interns will be shortlisted and their names will be displayed on BJYM website and social media pages on May 1, 2018.
2)    The shortlisted interns will be then inducted via WhatsApp and Mailing groups for online training.

Internship program begins:

1-15th May: Interns are sent policy documents of the incumbent government’s achievements and additional study material.

16-31st May: Interns are made to work with different office bearers of the state unit to learn and understand the nuances of decision making and coordinating at various levels of work.

1-15th June: The most exciting part of this two-month journey begins here with Fieldwork, survey, and data collection!

16-28th June: Writing exercise will commence and the intern will be engaged into drafting one complete document on a policy area of their choice. 

29-30th June: All 100 interns get to attend two full-day training sessions in Delhi.

The training shall be divided into two parts.
a.    Engagement with Eminent Scholars, Professors, and Intellectuals.
b.    Engagement with Eminent Politicians.

1st July: Interns interact with the National President of BJYM Smt. Poonam Mahajan. Interns are then honored with Certificates amidst the presence of media, office bearers, and other esteemed guests. Award for ‘Best Intern’ is declared and ‘The Report’ is released.

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